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Transportation & Distribution


Arranging suitable vehicles for collection of consignments from the consignors factories/ premises. Handle the material as per the instructions and conditions of packaging thereof. Load Planning and Routing.
Verification of documents received along with the consignment and ascertain the necessity of their accompaniment in Roadair Global Freight Management Pvt. Ltd., the transportation system is divided into three operations, Collection of the consignments from the consignors by own vehicles with loading, collecting document and delivering the same at the go down for on wards delivery. Clubbing of a number of consignments in the vehicles approximately and transporting it to the go down at the end of destination.
Unloading all the consignments and stacking it properly at the branches go down. Arranging for further door deliveries of the consignments by the other vehicles as per the routes and number of consignees on that route, delivering them in time and obtain the acknowledgement for the same.

Local Transportation

Not only between the cities but also within the cities Transportation is provided by Roadair Freight. In case a customer requires vehicle for Local use, it is rendered to him immediately.